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Prof M.Patra 8013369507 (10 a.m. to 5.00p.m.)
Prof. A. Sarkar : 9002199268 (10.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.)

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  • Steps for Admission
  • 1. Enlisted candidates both Called & wait listed must attend Physical Counselling at College on schedule date & time
  • 2. If Recommended in Physical Counselling then Login and Pay online (Use Internet Banking, Debt Card or Credit Card or Net Banking, UPI) within due dates
  • 3. Those who take admission must send email at [email protected] with copy of Payment receipt
  • 4. Wait for 1 days to watch if his/her name is in Admitted list at below or check admission status
  • 1. For any doubt contact at ubtand[email protected] or in person at college with documents
  • Helpline No :
  • 1. Prof. D. Roy 9832344426 (10 a.m. to 5.00p.m.)
  • 2. Prof M.Patra 8013369507 (10 a.m. to 5.00p.m.)
  • 3. Prof. A. Sarkar : 9002199268 (10.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.)
  • 4. Technical @ 8944006992
Date of Advertisement 25 th August, 2022 View Notification
Online Form Fillup 01/09/2022 to 11/09/2022
Publication of Provisional Merit List 13/09/2022
Complaint Lodging in writing email or Offline at College Office during college hours with testimonials to be submitted physically during Office Hours Upto 14/09/2022
Publication of Final Merit List and 1st Counselling List 16/09/2022
Date of 1st Physical Counselling & Admission (Candidates have to record their presence at the college premises positively by 11.00 A.M.) & Submission of payment Receipt (online)at College Office on 19/09/22 and 20/09/2022 within 3.00 P.M. 19/09/2022 at 11A.M. onwards at College
Publication of 2nd Counselling List(If seats remains vacant after 1st Counselling) - 21/09/2022 at 4.00 p.m.
Date of 2nd Counselling cum admission (candidates have to record their presence at the college premises positively by 11.00 am. & submission of payment Receipt at College Office within 3.00 p.m on same day 23/09/2022 (11.00 a.m.) at College
Publication of 3rd Counselling List (If seats remains vacant after 2nd Counselling) 24/09/2022
3rd Counselling cum Admission (candidates have to record their presence at the college premises positively by 11.00 am. & submission of payment Receipt at College Office within 3.00 p.m on same day 27/09/2022

* Physical Counselling will be held in the College from 11:00 a.m. onwards.
* Admission Comittee may change the distribution of seats after 1st Counselling & Admission following ths Govt. Reservation Rules & Regulation

Univ. Stream UR SC ST OBC-A OBC-B Total
Fresher PH (02)
NBU PH 01 Other University PH 01
Fresher (NBU/Home University) (38)
NBU Arts 11 05 01 02 01 20
NBU Science 10 04 01 02 01 18
Fresher (Other Univ.) (10)
Recognised University except NBU Any Stream 05 02 01 01 01 10
Deputed seats may be deserved for Fresher due to unavailability of deputed candidates
Reservation of PWD candidates as per WB Govt. norm.
  • Candidates having one of the following subjects- 1)Bengali 2)English, 3)History 4)Life Science 5)Geography 6)Mathematics 7)Physics 8)Chemistry in Honours or P.G. or subsidiary/combination subject in Pass Graduation Level with minimum 300 full marks can apply.
  • Candidates should be Graduates in a school subject from recognised University
  • Candidates should be Graduates in a school subject from recognised University
  • Fresher General Candidates with minimum 50% marks in UG or PG level with School subjects can Apply
  • Fresher Candidates with B.E or B.Tech with Science / Mathematics (with 300 marks) with 55% marks or any other equivalent qualification thereto is eligible.For B.E./ B.Tech put marks in Honours Row & for M.Tech/M.E. put marks in Master's row
  • Fresher SC/ST Candidates with minimum 45% marks in UG or PG level can Apply
  • Fresher General,OBC Candidates within 35 years and SC ST withing 40 years (as on 30/06/2022) can Apply
  • For Deputed Candidates having atleast 1 years experience ( as on 30/06/2022) from Govt, Govt. Aided or Govt. sponsored school can apply
  • Deputed Candidates must produce original MC/GB Permission, Approval and NOC along with Annexture-I Form at the time of Counselling
  • Deputed Candidates have no Age limit


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All enlisted candidates for Physical Counselling must attend on the counselling Date. If selected login at candidate's login in due time. Pay Admission Fees through Online mode only using ATM/Debit/Credit Card or Net Banking (Payment gateway charge will be applicable over & above the requisite fees) . You must retain Payment challan deposit at college at office hours
  • Counselling List PDF download
  • Fee structure
  • Fees 2022-2024 (1st Year) (Pay online if Recommended after Physical Counselling): Rs. 21135/-
  • Fees 2022-2024 (2nd Year) : Rs. 21135/-
  • Without payment on scheduled date this admission will be treated as cancelled


This is not counselling List
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This is 2nd Provisional Merit List after correcting some error which raised by candidates with valid documents. All Candidates are enlisted categorywise. This List is corrected comprehensive list & does not denotes they are called for counselling
Download Final Merit List-2022
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Admitted Student List - 2022

Admitted Student List - 2022-24
Sl Form No Name Quota Rank Counselling No Admission Date Status
11397MADHUMITA PRODHANFresher NBU General Arts2120/09/2022Admitted
21565ANINDITA SAHAFresher NBU General Arts3119/09/2022Admitted
31080UTPAL DASFresher NBU General Arts5119/09/2022Admitted
41093BIPAN SUTRADHARFresher NBU General Arts6119/09/2022Admitted
51559DEBASRI CHAKRABORTYFresher NBU General Arts7119/09/2022Admitted
61200PUNAM ROYFresher NBU General Arts8120/09/2022Admitted
71209SOMA SARKARFresher NBU General Arts12119/09/2022Admitted
81146GOURI SAHAFresher NBU General Arts13120/09/2022Admitted
91680AFCHAR ALIFresher NBU General Arts15120/09/2022Admitted
101250RAHUL HOSSAINFresher NBU General Arts16119/09/2022Admitted
111392MAMATA BARMANFresher NBU General Arts18120/09/2022Admitted
121473SUSMITA BARMANFresher NBU General Science2119/09/2022Admitted
131431SAGARIKA RAYFresher NBU General Science3119/09/2022Admitted
141531KRISHNA GHOSHFresher NBU General Science8123/09/2022Admitted
151083SABINA EYASHMINFresher NBU General Science10119/09/2022Admitted
161044SAYAR SARKARFresher NBU General Science11119/09/2022Admitted
171229SONADISH RAYFresher NBU General Science12120/09/2022Admitted
181415ANANYA PAULFresher NBU General Science14119/09/2022Admitted
191508SHUBHANKAR MODAKFresher NBU General Science15119/09/2022Admitted
201220SUSMITA ROYFresher NBU General Science16120/09/2022Admitted
211180MADHURIMA MODAKFresher NBU General Science17223/09/2022Admitted
221231RUPSANA PARVINFresher NBU OBCA Arts5119/09/2022Admitted
231481MERIVIEW PARVINFresher NBU OBCA Arts8120/09/2022Admitted
241234JANNATUL ABEDINFresher NBU OBCA Arts10120/09/2022Admitted
251451JARJIS ALAMFresher NBU OBCA Arts12119/09/2022Admitted
261188ANWESHA NATHFresher NBU OBCB Arts6119/09/2022Admitted
271283PIYALI DEBNATHFresher NBU OBCB Arts7223/09/2022Admitted
281049SOMA ROYFresher NBU PH1120/09/2022Admitted
291331PIYALI BARMANFresher NBU SC Arts15119/09/2022Admitted
301198BIPASHA BARMANFresher NBU SC Arts17120/09/2022Admitted
311472KEYA ROYFresher NBU SC Arts18120/09/2022Admitted
321440DEBASISH ROYFresher NBU SC Arts23119/09/2022Admitted
331537ANAMIKA ROYFresher NBU SC Arts25120/09/2022Admitted
341293PAYEL ROYFresher NBU SC Arts26120/09/2022Admitted
351695BEAUTY DEBSINGHAFresher NBU SC Arts31223/09/2022Admitted
361116NARAYAN DASFresher NBU SC Science4120/09/2022Admitted
371434SENJUTI RAYFresher NBU SC Science5119/09/2022Admitted
381040DIBAKAR MURMUFresher NBU ST Arts2120/09/2022Admitted
391579SHILA KARJEEFresher NBU ST Arts8119/09/2022Admitted
401063PRIYA PODDARFresher Other University General1119/09/2022Admitted
411281APARNA BHOWMIKFresher Other University General2119/09/2022Admitted
421516JAYSHREE NANDIFresher Other University General3119/09/2022Admitted
431166SURAVI TARAFDARFresher Other University General5119/09/2022Admitted
441530SHUMA PAULFresher Other University General6119/09/2022Admitted
451363AFRUJA KHATUNFresher Other University OBCA3120/09/2022Admitted
461443PROJJWAL SENFresher Other University OBCB3120/09/2022Admitted
471471PRAVAT BHAKTAFresher Other University PH2120/09/2022Admitted
481094KUHELI ROYFresher Other University SC2119/09/2022Admitted
491374TULIKA ROYFresher Other University SC3119/09/2022Admitted
501280SWAPAN KUMAR MANDIFresher Other University ST4223/09/2022Admitted